David Fischel: Chairman & CEO

“The team at Dragonfly Stories is incredibly talented and easy to work with. They’re responsive and communicate well, making collaboration feel like true partnership. They helped us broadcast the capabilities and practical pathways to progress of telerobotics and telesurgery, helping Stereotaxis reach a broader audience, telling the stories that will shape the future of healthcare.”


Scott Huennekens

Medtech Entrepreneur

“I have had the pleasure to work with Dragonfly Stories at Verb Surgical, Acutus Medical, Vicarious Surgical and educational programs with the Harvard Business School. Dragonfly has

helped each of these entities to share their vision, message, and brand . . . on a global scale. All of this helps to facilitate bending the curve, drive innovation, improve healthcare for patients, and change the world.”


Corindus Vascular Robotics

Doug Teany: COO

“Joe and the Dragonfly team have helped tremendously in taking the Corindus vision to a much broader audience. Their creativity, production quality, and thoughtful use of social media has helped to tell the story of who we are and why our work matters. As a result, we have connected in new and meaningful ways to a wide range of stakeholders.”


MEDX Ventures Group

Harel Gadot: CEO & Company Group Chairman

“Dragonfly Stories’ continuous involvement and investment in any of our activities with XACT and Microbot, from conferences to presentations, allows us to better define how we build our positioning as well as brand awareness, through multiple exposure vehicles. Moreover, leveraging your group’s unparalleled network contributes to our exposure with multiple strategic partners and strengthen our relationships with them . . . This true partnership to Dragonfly Stories has added tremendous value to our marketing, business development and hiring efforts and activities, value that by far exceeded our expectations.”


Activ Surgical

Todd Usen: CEO

“Dragonfly Stories has provided Activ Surgical true marketing and exposure to prospective new hires, investors, and other strategic companies. . . . [T]he interview series with Joe and the site visits have enabled our small company to be recognized at an accelerated pace, by the healthcare industry. . . . The exposure is invaluable.”



David Muller: President & CEO

“Dragonfly Stories’ provocative interview style and content has the ability to reveal the true culture of a company, which can prove difficult to grasp during the normal interview process. From the many comments that I received about the video that Dragonfly did for Allotex, it is clear that the viewers are able to discern our personality, style and attitude, and our commitment to achieving our goals. I believe that . . .  having potential candidates feel they are seeing the whole story can prompt them into making the right decision in choosing to work with me and my colleagues.”


POBA Medical

Dan Kaspyrzk: President & CEO

“Utilizing Dragonfly Stories this summer allowed all of my companies . . . to garner unprecedented exposure for our businesses and our stories. . . The team was professional from all angles and world class in storytelling, video content, audio, editing, and just plain fun to work with! Whether it’s creating strategic awareness for an infant startup like Poba Medical, or a product shot for a middle aged Symple Surgical, or getting strong future recruitment exposure for a 20-year-old company like Machine Solutions, it WORKS. All three of these business brands will be forever impacted by the relentless and professional efforts of Dragonfly Stories.


Joe Mullings

Chairman & CEO: The Mullings Group Companies

With over three decades of experience leading the world’s top search firm in the MedTech space, Joe brings a unique perspective to the combination of medtech and production. Seeing a need for media and messaging in order to highlight the amazing people and technology within the MedTech space, Joe founded Dragonfly Stories production, the production company specializing in showing you tech like you’ve never seen it before. Joe is also the host of TrueFuture and multiple podcasts such as The Other Side and Untitled & Unfiltered.

Marco Puglia

Director of Post-Production: Dragonfly Stories

With a background in producing and editing for major television networks over the past 20+ years, Marco has produced content for Live with Kelly & Ryan, World Cup for ESPN, X Games and many more. Marco brings fantastic experience and passion for production to the table which allows him to ensure your content is directed and produced to go off without a hitch. He will share ideas for set, shots to capture and how our team can best edit your content for a killer end product.


Nicole Ager

Director of Media & Brand Development: Dragonfly Stories

Lead brand strategist for all Mullings Group companies, Nicole will be an asset to ensure your branding is on point, your needs as a client are met and your messaging is uniform. From strategy and goal setting to post-production and quality control, Nicole takes an active role and leads the team in hitting these milestones. As the account manager for our Dragonfly clients armed with experience leading large teams through many projects, Nicole is well equipped to create an incredible experience for you and your company as you navigate the waters of this increasingly virtual world.